The IPVF Scientific Day will be held on June 20th!

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming IPVF Scientific Day, scheduled for June 20, 2024, at the EDF Lab, Bat. AZUR. This event will focus on advancements in perovskite science and technology, featuring a series of presentations by notable experts in the field.

Event Details:

Venue: EDF Lab, Bâtiment AZUR
8:30 AM – Welcome of Participants
9:00 AM – Introduction to the Day

Plenary Session: Perovskites Science & Technology

9:15 AM:
Professor Jacky Even, INSA Rennes, FOTON Institute
Topic: “Insights into 2D Multilayered Perovskites Fundamental Properties and Their Application to Photovoltaics”

10:00 AM:
Professor Dr. Christoph J. Brabec, Institute of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology, Erlangen
Topic: “Discovering Materials and Processes with Optimized Performance for Emerging PV Technologies: The Case of Perovskites”

10:45 AM:
Coffee Break (EDF Lab, Foyer de l’Auditorium)

11:15 AM:
Dr. Yinghuan Kuang, Thin Film PV Technology at IMEC
Topic: “Stable Cell Architectures and Scalable Processes for Upscaling of Perovskite Solar Modules”

11:45 AM:
Prof. Aldo Di Carlo, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Topic: “The Use of Halide Perovskite for Opaque and Semitransparent PV: From Cells to Panels”

12:15 PM:
Dr. Florian Hilt, IPVF
Topic: “STAFF: Pioneering the First Success Story in Perovskite Technology Transfer at IPVF”

12:45 PM:
Lunch (EDF Lab, Foyer de l’Auditorium)

2:00 PM:
Poster Session (EDF Lab, Foyer de l’Auditorium)

5:00 PM:
End of Event

We look forward to welcoming you to an informative day at the EDF Lab, Bâtiment AZUR.