Priv.-Doz. Dr. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf

PD Dr. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology

Room: Room 16.1.15
Fürther Str. 250, EnCN Auf AEG
90429 Nürnberg

The group of Dr. Egelhaaf “Solar Factory of the Future” develops advanced concepts of printed photovoltaic (PV) modules and of high-throughput-processes for their production. The main goal of our activities is the upscaling of highly efficient small size solar cells to industrially viable roll-to-roll (R2R) producible large area solar modules at minimum efficiency losses. This involves: the formulation of inks based on green solvents, the optimization of R2R printing and coating processes, the development of advanced patterning processes for high efficiency organic and perovskite solar modules by laser ablation and ink jet printing, development of novel concepts for the encapsulation of printed PV modules, and the integration of our modules in mobile applications and in building integrated PV installations.