i-MEET Equipment

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Total space: 1430 m²

Laboratory space: 1100 m²

including 90 m² in the Technology Hall of the Department

including 180 m² at “auf AEG” (EnCN)

including 120 m² at Uferstadt Fürth

Parts of the equipment of our Institute include

Semiconductor material synthesis and preparation

  • Inner diameter saw and precision grinding systems (G&N, Erlangen) for wafering and surface preparation of SiC wafers
  • Facilities for preparative work related to III-V compound wafer preparation (grinder, annular saws, lapping and polishing equipment)
  • 2 evaporation systems
  • Sputtering systems (DC, 6″ target diameter) Others
  • 15 powerful PCs for numerical modelling
  • Beckmann-Coulter particle size analyzer
  • “Labor-Zickzacksichter Alpine AG” for production of defined powder fractions


Semiconductor and device processing

  • 3 inductively heated reactors for SiC bulk crystal growth (T ≈ 2500 °C; p ≈ 30 mbar), one of them provided with in-situ growth control by X-rays
  • resistively heated high pressure (p ≈ 200 bar) and high temperature (T ≈ 2300 °C) reactor for SiC and ZnSe liquid phase growth
  • 2 high-pressure Czochralski pullers
  • 3 high-pressure multi-zone cold wall furnaces (for 2″ – 6″ crystal diameter, used for VGF growth of InP and VGF growth of GaAs)
  • furnaces for solution growth (for 1″ crystal diameter, used for growth of CuInSe2 by THM and SBM)
  • Liquid phase epitaxy facilities
  • Facility for AlN sublimation growth process
  • Micro-puller for fiber growth
  • HVPE (hydrogenated vapour phase epitaxy) facility for GaN
  • Magnet for axial steady field (inner diameter 50 cm, Bmax = 0.2 T)
  • Magnet system for rotating fields (variable diameter)


Semiconductor and device characterization

  • Optical/infrared microscope, Reichert-Jung
  • Other different optical microscopesy
  • Optical Set-up for photoluminescence and absorption spectroscopy of wide band gap semiconductors by a blue/uv – argon ion laser system
  • Mapping system for optical spectroscopy of semiconductor wafers
  • Interferometric profilometer for surface analysis of semiconductor wafers
  • 2 photo- and thermoluminescence systems with X-ray excitation
  • Excimer laser system including dye laser and Raman shifter
  • X-ray Laue camera
  • Hall-measurement-system (temperature dependent 15 K-650 K)
  • Laterally resolved resistivity measurements by 4-point-probe-method and spreading resistance (resolution 20 µm)
  • Measurement system for characterization of deep and shallow levels by capacitance techniques (CV, DLTS) and by conductance techniques (TSC, PICTS)
  • Photoluminescence system (14 K and 300 K), IR-absorption, both systems suitable for mapping
  • Atomic absorption spectrometry for trace analysis
  • Differential Thermal Analysis for determination of phase diagrams
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter for thermodynamic and kinetic studies
  • Frequency converter (P = 90 kW, f = 1…1000 Hz)
  • 2 He-Temperature cryostats, T-controlled
  • Closed-cylce cryostat (15 K – 320 K), T-controlled
  • Gaussmeter for magnetic induction measurements (3 axes)