Crystal Growth

Crystal Growth Lab

The research activities in the crystal growth & characterization lab of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Wellmann at the electronic materials and energy technology division of the materials department (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) are devoted to crystal growth, epitaxy and characterization of modern topics in semiconductor technology. Materials for energy saving are in the current focus of research:

  1. Silicon carbide for power electronic devices is a promising candidate for energy saving during electric power conversion.
  2. The CI(G)S thin film solar cell materials recently have reached a maturity that allows the realization of commercial solar panels.
  3. Printed electronic layers offer a great potential of a wide range of (opto-)electronic and photovoltaic device applications.

In the field of characterization a large variety of electrical, spectroscopic and structural techniques are used which serve the better understanding of materials processing. Special emphasis is put on topographic methods. In all fields service for industrial and institutional partners may be provided.