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Double Congratulations to Yi – he finished his PhD and won an award

Yi developed innovative interface layer concepts for photovoltaics. Starting with solution processed chalcopyrite and kesterite absorbers ...

Energy and Environmental Science features Nicola’s article on highly efficient ternary solar cells on the cover of its April issue

The concept of ternary blend organic solar cells allows to engineer solutions to the most of the limitations of binary solar cells. In his most recent article Nicola introduced a novel concept to overcome the charge transport limitations of

Derya’s paper on reducing the efficiency – stability – cost gap in Nature Materials

Derya's paper on reducing the efficiency - stability - cost gap of organic solar cells with ternary molecular acceptors got printed in Nature Materials. Non-fullerene acceptors have been demonstrated as a promising strategy...

Congratulations to Arne for his excellent PhD examination with very good success. Arne studied the film formation and sintering of oxide free Si nanoparticles for electronic applications.