Optoelectronic Devices, Photovoltaics & Energy

Photovoltaics Group

i-MEET has a long time experience and interest in solution processable photovoltaic technologies. On major focus at i-MEET is the development of printable semiconductors, electrodes and interface materials. A second research focus is the development of printing and coating processes for electronic materials in cooperation with the HI ERN and the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN).

Organic and perovskite solar cells are by far the most advanced „printable“ PV technologies. The major challenges here are the development of more efficient and stable materials, understanding and controlling the microstructure of the semiconductor composites, developing low cost, transparent electrodes and engineering of a high speed, reliable roll to roll production process.

Anorganic printed solar cells are extremely challenging with respect to the development of nanoparticular formulations designed to form macroscopic, crystalline bulk materials with excellent semicondcuting properties. Activities at i-MEET are focused on understanding the structure – property relation of printed, anorganic precursors and their conversion into bulk semiconductors. A second activity is the development and engineering of printing processes for the solar industry. Current prototype material systems are CI(G)S and Si.

Hybrid solar cells are designed to meet best of both worlds – the performance on the anorganics and the low temperature processing of the organics. Typical designs involve polymer / nanoparticle blends