Chair VI - Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology

Different from most of the other Chairs of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering the Chair VI is not dedicated to a particular class of materials like metals or ceramics, but to the “functional” aspect of electronic properties and applicability. This results in a considerable variety of materials under investigation at the Chair.

Nevertheless, common interests and background of the scientists involved, as well as central topics and strong links have developed. These include a concentration on compound semiconductors, crystal growth of these compounds, the role of “deep” localized centres in determining electronic and optical properties of materials, and – last but not least – an increasing emphasis on numerical modelling of crystal growth and material performance.

The chair started its activities in the Wintersemester 1973/74 with Prof. Dr. H. Weiß as its first director. After his sudden death in an accident in 1981 his successor became K.H. Zschauer in 1983. Prof. Dr. Zschauer died in 1988 and was followed by Albrecht Winnacker in 1991 who retired 2009. Since 2009 Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec heads the chair, now with the new research focus on electronic materials and energy technology.