Congratulations to Huiying on winning the SAOT student award for her paper in ACS Energy Letters titled ‘Engineering Stable Perovskite Film for High Color Purity Display Applications’

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

Huiying’s paper suggests the solution to the limited environmental stability of perovskites, that restricts their application in display technologies. The article presents a large-area FAPbBr3-based quantum dot brightness-enhancing film (QDEF) strategy, which combines a polymeric binder with ligands-optimized perovskite NCs for light conversion. This strategy demonstrates QDEF applications with 91% coverage of the Rec. 2020 standard in tablet displays. Remarkably, the perovskite film maintained its saturated output color performance even after 4 years of storage under ambient conditions, showcasing the extraordinary potential of this approach for advanced optical applications.