Congratulations to Josef and Markus – both colleagues from ZAE Bayern e.V. passed their PhD exams with excellent grades

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Two colleagues from ZAE finished their PhD in June. Markus graduated with a thesis on a novel design for combined photovoltaic & solar-thermal collector under mild concentration by a joint simulative and experimental approach. The low concentrating PVT collector was installed in Garching and the data extracted from operation allows to select the geographical sites where this collector will show best performance.
Josef performed his PhD thesis in the Hof / Arzberg outpost and developed concepts to shift the typical 12 o´clock peaks from photovoltaic electricty production into the morning or evening hours by diligent storage algorithms for battery operation. A detailed weather prediction as well as in-depth understanding of the climate depending performance behavior of the various PV technologies were necessary to develop such novel storage strategies.
Markus will continue his research at the ZAE Bayern, while Josef already started his training as patent attorney. I wish both of them and their families  the best for their future career!