Solar Cells from i-MEET and HI-ErN went to space – and will be tested after their safe return

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Watch the rocket launch from NASA carrying solar cells from i-MEET and HI-ErN. Several of our Organic Solar Cells and Perovskite Solar Cells were launched June 20th to space from NASA Wallops Flight Facility ERC in VA, USA. The mission is part of Cubes In Space (CiS) and allows us to investigate the behavior of solar cells in high altitude. Several teams contributed independently to make this possible, with Jose doing a marvellous job in coordinating all the different activities : Wayuu kids from Ranchería Ishipa in La Guajira accompanied by Del Lab Al Campo (DLC) and Clubes de Ciencia Colombia; Our trainees from Cali (SENA), who visited us at the Friedrich Alexander Universtät (FAU),  the MIT PV lab and of course our teams at i-MEET and HI-ErN. The samples, recovered by CiS, will come back to us for further analysis. More specimens will be launched within the next months, and we are very curious to learn about PV materials performance in space.
Many thanks for all the people who participated. Diana C. Gasca, Rose Suarez, Daniel Cruz Tlemße, Carito Salguero, Pepe GC, Osbel Almora Rodríguez, Leidy Diaz, Vicky Ricaurte, Viktor A. R-t, Shijing Sun, Armi, Janak, Felipe Oviedo Perhavec, ARISE coop, and, of course to Jose!