Amir Y. Amin and Niall Killiliea from the SOPSEM group got several awards for their INFRARED TECHSCI efforts.

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Based on their recent investigations on fully printed infrared photodetectors and mid infrared giant nanocrystals, Amir Y. Amin and Niall Killilea proposed the “next generation of infrared sensors”, a fully printed sensor with a tunable infrared spectrum. Since the mid of last year, this idea did receive several awards:

(i) it received the 2nd place in the “Falling Walls Lab” innovation competition on July 2018, (The Falling Walls Lab is an international forum for the next generation of outstanding innovators and creative thinkers,;

(ii) it was within the last 3 finalists in the “free style prototype” section of the LOPEC competition pitch on March 2019 (LOPEC is the leading international event for printed electronics,;

(iii) it was among the 10 winners of the EIT Health Boot Camp on June 2019 (EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators, supported by the EU,

(iv) it received one out of 10 prizes from the “FAU sandbox” program on July 2019 (FAU Sandbox is a program offered by the FAU, providing funding for student-initiated business ideas,