Congratulations to Violetta

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Congratulations to Violetta for her excellent presentation on March 21 and completing her PhD exam with very good results! In her thesis, entitled ‘Synthesis and Characterization of Core-Shell SnOx@Ag Nanowires and their Application in Environmentally Stable Transparent Electrodes,’ Violetta focused on developing sustainable and highly conductive tin oxide-silver nanowire electrodes. One of the most important achievements of her research is the development of an easily implementable solution process for coating the entire surface of nanowires with tin oxide on the nanometer scale. This not only demonstrates the potential of tin oxide nanowire electrodes as a practical alternative to traditional Indium Tin Oxide but also emphasizes their potential in creating lighter and more cost-effective flexible transparent conductive electrodes. We sincerely appreciate Violetta’s dedication and contributions throughout her studies and wish her great success in her future endeavors!