A Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Solar Cell Mechanisms with J–V Measurements

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Congratulations to Albert and Vincent on their “Beginner’s Guide to Visual Analysis of Perovskite and Organic Solar Cell Current Density–Voltage Characteristics” publication! The guide focuses on the critical role of current density–voltage (J–V) characteristics in understanding solar cell performance. It introduces a user-friendly flowchart developed through extensive simulations and literature review, tailored specifically for perovskite and organic solar cells. The study offers a step-by-step approach to analyze and identify performance-limiting factors in solar cells, providing researchers with practical tools to enhance power conversion efficiency. Included in the guide is a detailed analysis of J–V curves, insights into key parameters like open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current density, and fill factor, and suggestions for supplementary experiments that can refine our understanding of primary performance losses.