Congratulations to Shudi on receiving the student award at the Carbon Club Conference 2023

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CARBON CLUB CONFERENCE 2023 (Online) is the first international conference on carbon electrode-based perovskite solar cells. It was organized by the group of the Solar Energy Conversion Group at the University of Marburg. This conference was held on 11~12.10.2023 and had 36 talks total including invited 11 contributed speakers and 25 contributed talks in two days. There were over 400 participants from all over the world. Two of the student awards were sponsored for outstanding oral presentations by Sustainable Energy & Fuels and Solar RRL, respectively. Shudi presented his results from recently submitted manuscript “Probing and Controlling the Kinetics of Gas-Quenching-Induced Crystallization of Printed Perovskite Film: Revisiting the role excessive methylammonium iodide”. Shudi introduced the background of the film formation, in situ PL/UV absorption techniques and two case studies: the role of gas quenching in the printing process and the role of the excess MAI on the thin film formation.