High Throughput PV Summer Seminar 2021

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On July 1st our annual High Throughput PV Summer Seminar took place. This time the seminar was held digital. The group leaders highlighted challenges and achievements in the high-throughput research at HIERN, i-MEET and ZAE this year. The program of the workshop is listed below:


Lecture 1: Prof. Brabec, High Throughput Methods in Energy Materials Research –a practical approach at HIERN.


Lecture 2 –Dr. Jens Hauch, HI ERN –Automated and Autonomous Materials and Device Development Platform for Solution Processed Semiconductor Devices


Lecture 3 –Dr. Doz. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, ZAE Bayern –Recent Advances in High Throughput Process Development

16:00 Coffee Break


Lecture 4 –Dr. Karen Forberich, HI ERN –Advances in High Throughput Simulation of PV Devices


Lecture 5 –Dr. Thomas Heumüller, HI ERN/FAU -High Throughput Stability Testing for Organic Photovoltaics


Lecture 6 –Dr. Marius Peters, HI ERN –High Throughput Failure Analysis in PV-Modules for Real World Systems