Solarfactory of the Future (SFF) demonstrates fully printed Perovskite modules with over 15 % PCE and remarkable environmental stability

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Fu and Hans from the SFF are taking perovskite processing to the next level. After having demonstrated that printed Carbon electrodes are the most interesting alternative to evaporated or sputtered top electrodes, Fu optimized the perovskite layer and was able to align the interfaces between the absorber and the HTL such that he achieved a cell PCE of over 18 % and a module PCE of 15 % for all solution processed devices. Devices stored outside did not change performance at all during a monitoring period of almost one year (5000 hrs). To continue the technology development from our previous work we selected an MA based perovskite for this work, well knowing that MA based precursors with a content of > 20 % tend to temperature instabilities. The next major objective for the SFF will be to demonstrate modules with these efficiencies which are equally stable for 1000 hrs under 85 °C!