EU PVSEC 2020 – Bernd Doll wins Student Award

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With his contribution “CONTACTLESS OUTDOOR PHOTOLUMINESCENCE OF SILICON PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES WITH LARGE AREA EXCITATION SOURCE” Bernd Doll, FAU PhD student and guest researcher at HI ERN in the group High Throughput Characterization and Modeling has won one of the Student Awards at the “EU PVSEC 2020”!

During the 5-day online event with 1500 participants from more than 60 countries there were 850 live presentations. With the Outdoor Photoluminescence Setup presented by Bernd Doll it is possible to measure large area photovoltaic modules without contact. This is of particular benefit for reliable energy production of solar parks. The results show that the throughput can be improved compared to electroluminescence by avoiding electrical contact without loss of information.

Altogether HI ERN had one invited presentation and presented 3 Papers at the EU PVSEC 2020:

“PV-Module’s backsheet compositions affecting pv-systems yield and degradation” – Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz

“Deep Learning PV module I-V curve predictions based on electroluminescence images” –  Sandy Rodrigues-Abreu

“Contactless outdoor photoluminescence of silicon photovoltaic modules with large area excitation source”–  Bernd Doll

“Quantitative assessment of the power loss of silicon PV modules by IR thermography and its practical application in the field”– Janine Denz