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Advanced Energy Materials 2017 Impact Factor almost on draw with Advanced Materials

Few may remember this, but Advanced Energy Materials was initiated by Wiley and the Erlangen research community. I had the pleasure to meet Manfred Waidhas back in 2003 when working at the Corporate Technology at Siemens. After joining Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in 2009, we reanimated our contacts. Together with Wiley we worked out the concept for a magazine focused on energy generation, conversion and storage, with a strong focus on emerging and renewable technologies – Advanced Energy Materials. Wiley made a great job to maintain and grow that journal with passion and dedication, and within less than ten years, AEM’s impact factor passed the magic IF=20 bar and is now almost on draw with Advanced Materials.

I still have a poster from the cover picture of the #1 AEM issue in my office – by accident, it is a great animation from UCSB visualizing the effect of additives on OPV microstructure formation. I hope we will enjoy that marvelous journal and further stimulating cover images for many more years! Congratulations to Wiley and all who contributed to such a success story!

Best, Christoph and Manfred