Double Congratulations to Yi – he finished his PhD and won an award

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Double Congratulations to Yi - he finished his PhD with the grade "Very Good" and further won the prestigious "Award for Outstanding Students Abroad in 2017" from the Chinese Government.

Over the last 4 years Yi developed innovative interface layer concepts for photovoltaics. Starting with solution processed chalcopyrite and kesterite absorbers he quickly moved over to perovskite absorbers, where he achieved his most important successes. Yi placed his focus on engineering low temperature solution processed interface materials for n-i-p and p-i-n structures which did overcome the hysteresis phenomena in perovskite solar cells. Both, organic as well as inorganic materials were invented, whereas organic fullerene based SAM layers gave the greatest insight into the fundamental loss mechanisms, allowing to rationalize the origin of hysteresis in perovskite solar cells.

The international PhD committee with Prof Nazeeruddin (from EPFL), Rainer Hock (Chair for Crystallography), Wolfgang Heiss and Christoph Brabec (both i-MEET) acknowledged Yi´s achievements with the grade “Very Good”. In parallel, the Chinese Government acknowledged Yi´s excellent performance over the last years and awarded him the “Outstanding Student´s Award 2017” in a ceremonial act in Berlin earlier this year!