Celebrating Educational Leadership: PD Dr. Miroslaw Batentschuk’s Exceptional Achievement in Teaching

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PD Dr. Miroslaw Batentschuk has been awarded the prestigious “Urkunde zur Lehrevaluation,” securing the 3rd place in the student teaching evaluation for his exceptional laboratory course on “Manufacturing and Characterization of Phosphors and Storage Phosphors.” This recognition was bestowed upon him for the Summer Semester of 2023, where he achieved an outstanding Teaching Quality Index (LQI) of 1.15, ranking 3rd out of 27 in the category P5 (Laboratory Work).

This accolade is a testament to PD Dr. Batentschuk’s dedication to excellence in teaching and his commitment to providing an enriching learning environment for his students. His laboratory course, which delves into the intricate processes of manufacturing and characterizing phosphors and storage phosphors, has evidently made a significant impact on the students, inspiring future scientists and engineers with the passion and knowledge necessary to excel in their fields.