SOPSEM group demonstrates high-quality epitaxial growth of oriented perovskite microcrystallites

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Hany Afify from the SOPSEM team and colleagues from i-MEET, with the support of several groups from FAU (Prof. Brabec, Prof. Unruh, Prof. Guldi) have demonstrated the first solution epitaxially grown perovskite micro-resonators exhibiting laser emission. The observed thresholds are comparable to those obtained with vapor deposition methods. Astonishing is the stability of the lasing, which is the best reported for devices kept in air. These findings are also enabled by the use of single crystalline PbS substrates, grown in Poland, providing relatively high heat conductance and thus facilitating device cooling. In addition, the results demonstrate the power of solution processed epitaxial growth and possibly represent a first step towards electrically driven devices, since the substrates are highly conducting semiconductors