Yakun masters her PhD exam in front of a prominent expert examination committee with excellent success

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Congratulations to Yakun! Yakun successfully finsihed her PhD with a most impressive exam this Friday, 12.11 with excellent grades! During her thesis Yakun worked her thesis on the so called “double cable materials” or “single component organic solar cells”, where the donor and acceptor are covalently linked to each other, allowing to surpass macroscopic phase separation in thin film composites. Yakun recognized the major benefits of these systems engineered corresponding device architectures which allowed her to surpass the current records in stability for organic solar cells. For the exam, Yakun invited Prof. Serdar Sariciftci and Prof. Rene Janssen, who are among the pioneers of the double cable concept, dating back to the first European project on organic photovoltaics from 1998 to 2001. Prof. Dirk Guldi, Prof. Wolfgang Heiss and myself completed the prominent expert examination committee. Having such a number of world-wide leading experts in the committee is a huge challenge for a PhD candidate, and I am very proud to say that Yakun mastered this challenge in the best possible way! Chapeau, Yakun!