Lectures on sustainable materials are on the way!

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The lectures on sustainable materials, their development and use start on November 9th on a weekly basis. The start is at 17:15.  

Meeting-ID: 698 5199 1102

Passcode: 225778

09.11.2021 – Tilmann Jarmer (TUM) – Einfach Bauen. Was kann Material und was nicht.

16.11.2021 – Dierk Raabe (MPL Eisen) – Introduction to sustainable metals 23.11.2021 – Martin Weis (Stuba) – Sustainable Production, Environmental

Impact, and the Life Cycle Assessment 30.11.2021 – TBA

07.12.2021 – Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed (Uni Warwick) – Life cycle environmental implications of sustainable materials development: a case study of piezoelectric functional materials.

14.12.2021 – TBA

11.01.2022 – Günter Schmid (SIEMENS Energy) – Technical Photosynthesis: Renewable Synthesis of chemical Feedstock and Specialties employing Electrolysis & Syngas Fermentation

18.01.2022 – Marius Peters (HIERN) – The economics of sustainable photovoltaics.

25.01.2022 – Neill Bartie (TU Braunschweig) – Material and product life cycles for maximum sustainability and circularity – the case of Silicon/ Perovskite tandem photovoltaics