i-MEET is developing transparent and efficient organic and perovskite solar modules for window integration in a European project consortium with 8 partners from 7 European countries – CITYSOLAR

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Transparent photovoltaics (TPV) possesses a huge untapped potential in the harvesting of solar energy where it readily can be embedded in buildings applications worldwide. TPV will increase the utilization of renewable energy directly where it is needed, and play a crucial role for the sustainable transformation of the energy sector in large cities. In the CITYSOLAR project, a new breakthrough concept for TPV will be developed by exploiting the combined use of emerging technologies, namely multi-junction solar modules developed from near-ultraviolet perovskite and near-infrared organic solar cells. CITYSOLAR brings together world-leading European academic and industrial players, some with key intellectual property, together with two non-EU partners belonging to Mission Innovation countries specialized in the synthesis of advanced materials for hybrid and organic solar cells. The consortium will develop highly efficient and transparent solar cells and modules to increase the performance of available TPV technologies by 50%, and via innovative integration schemes present a route for its use in building integrated PV (BIPV) applications.