NGSE5, Day 2: Hot Topics Session 1

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Hongbin Wun reports on loss mechanisms in high performance polymer solar cells, demonstrating the advances that have been made with modern non-fullerene acceptors and donor-acceptor molecules in his presentation titled “Assessing efficiency of photoinduced charge separation between electron donor/acceptor interface in organic solar cells by quantifying radiative proportion method”

Conclusion slide of Hongbin Wu
Conclusion slide of Hongbin Wu

In his contribution Yanming Sun is presenting detailed analysis of the morphology of polymer fibrils for high efficiency solar cells. Prof. Sun demonstrates nicely the role that Fibril morphology plays in achieving super high Fill Factors of up to 80.5% in OPV.

Poylymer Fibrils
Representation of Poylymer Fibril networks in OPV – from “Polymer fibril network morphology enables high-performance organic solar cells”

Prof. Weiwei Li reports on his achievements in improving single material solar cells made with double-cable conjugated polymers. Good cooperativity, achieved with both highly coordinating side units as well as backbones is very important to achieve good performance up to 8.4%.

Weiwei Li - coordination of double-cable conjugated Polymers
Weiwei Li – coordination of double-cable conjugated Polymers