Congratulations to Yakun on winning the “SAOT Student Award 2019”!

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Yakun has won the SAOT Student Award 2020 in the topic “Optical Materials and Systems” for her work “Evidencing Excellent Thermal- and Photostability for Single-Component Organic Solar Cells with Inherently Built-In Microstructure” published in “Advanced Energy Materials”.

The article presents a systematical research on the stability of single component organic solar cells. Stability issue is the core restriction for the development and application of organic solar cells (OSCs). The single-component concept, enabled by the covalently-bonded structure with the donor and acceptor in one molecule, presents attractive advantages such as considerable simple and reproducible device fabrication. In this work, we for the first time systematically investigate the stability of single-component organic solar cells (SCOSCs) and the corresponding dynamic mechanisms. Impressively, the SCOSCs remain substantially stable under 160 °C for over 400 hours. Moreover, SCOSCs exhibit almost unchanged performance under 90 °C and light illumination bi-pressure after 1000 hours aging. This is the highest stability reported up to date for OSCs.

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the SAOT Student and Innovation Awards 2020 were presented online this year.