Johannes finished his PhD on “Visual Quantification Techniques to Image Local Material Failures” with very good success

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Congratulations to Johannes! Johannes completed his doctoral thesis with an inspiring and rousing defense. His performance was rewarded with Very Good success! Johannes investigated and developed non-destructive imaging methods to analyze material failure in photovoltaic cells and panels. He specifically developed an originary model which allowed him to predict the Voc losses in CIGS modules as a function of the Gallium / Indium gradient (GGI) on the one hand and of the shunt induced power losses on the other hand. Johannes could determine the GGI and shunt induced losses most elegantly with a combination of electroluminescence (scanning) imaging and thermographic imaging. Johannes further developed a thermographic imaging method allowing to directly image water diffusing into a solar cell package. Water ingress is one of the most frequent origins for failure and degradation in thin film modules but could not be directly verified with destroying the module. With Johannes method, it now becomes possible to visualize the amount of water in a package allowing to correlate degradation phenomena with water ingress during inline measurements.
I want to thank Johannes for his marvelous scientific and technical input as well as for his support in managing our numerous projects during the last years. Looking forward to our future projects!