Congratulations to Ening for finishing her PhD exam with very good success!

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After almost precisely 4 years at i-MEET Ening finished her PhD with very good success. Ening explored novel solution processed semiconductors, among them Pb free as well as Pb containing semiconductors. Understanding and categorizing the solvent – solute interactions was a central part of her research work. Ening made tremendously important progress in rationalizing the solvent / antisolvent interactions for perovskite synthesis by discussing the specific interactions in terms of polar, dispersive and hydrogen bonding forces, allowing her to distinguish between successful and non-successful reactions in terms of Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) diagrams. Ening performed most of her work on our robot systems – after having resolved the challenge how to predict the optimum antisolvent strategies for perovskite synthesis, she used the Tecan pipetting robot to create solid state libraries of 2D perovskites via drop casting. Most importantly, Ening could show that drop cast perovskite layers show representative thin film properties, which opened robot based processing as a most interesting tool to generate large material libraries of solid state 2D perovskites.