Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films (IZNF) was successfully handed over to FAU

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Dieter Maußner (right) hands over the IZNF to FAU chancellor Christian Zens (middle)

After a construction period of less than 3 years, Mr Dieter Maußner, director of the “Staatliche Bauamt” handed over the new research building to FAU chancellor Christian Zens. With the timely and successful transfer of the building to FAU, my role as spokesmen of the IZNF board ended after 5 years. I want to thank all involved persons and institutions for this fantastic experience and especially thank Mrs. Ditze and Mr. Thoma from the EAM for the fantastic coordination between scientists and architects. With early February 2019, this building will provide unique infrastructure conditions for up to 250 researchers in the field of thin functional films.