Welcoming Osbel Almora at i-MEET

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A cordial welcome to Osbel Almora at i-MEET. Osbel is physicist by training and graduated from the University of Havana, Cuba. After being a research fellow at the Solar Cells Laboratory at IMRE / Havana, he spent the last three years at the University of Jaume I, Spain, working with Germà Garcia-Belmonte and Juan Bisquert on the hysteresis of perovskite solar cells. At i-MEET, Osbel will build and operate a novel impedance setup for theadvanced characterization of perovskite solar cells from the mHz to the MHz regime. We are all excited working with Osbel for the next two years towards his PhD. You can find him in office 369, +49 9131 85-27472, his FAU mail is osbel.almora@fau.de.

CV Osbel Almora