OPV article in Nature Energy

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Excellent progress by Nicola in overcoming disorder induced recombination losses in organic solar cells! His recent insight into designing virtually loss free organic solar cells was just published by Nature Energy (Nature Energy http://www.nature.com/articles/nenergy2016118 https://www.fau.eu/2016/09/12/news/research/increasing-the-efficiency-of-organic-solar-cells/). A detailed understanding of the recombination kinetics allowed him to design organic solar cells with a fill factor of over 77%. Such high fill factors are cutting edge for the OPV technology and indicate significant suppressed recombination. Nicola succeeded in realizing such low recombination systems by carefully engineering multi-component composites, where a highly ordered transport polymer takes up the charges from a lower ordered but strongly absorbing polymer, thus overcoming the disorder induced recombination mechanisms.
Let us congratulate Nicola to this tremendous progress – fantastic job done!