i-MEET annual report 2014

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i-MEET’s fifth year was rich and intense in results and work. Our first doctoral candidates in the field of printed photovoltaics graduated with excellent success. I want to explicitly congratulate Tobi Stubhan, Florian Machui, Ning Li, Derya Baran, Peter Kubis and Ivan Litzov to their great achievements and want to thank them for their valuable contributions in building up i-MEET. Michi Woiton and Maik Hessmann graduated with fantastic works at the ZAE, with Michi doing a life demonstration of a self cooled beer barrel to underline the daily importance of nanostructured composites. Felix Oehlschläger, Michl Kaiser and Ulrike Künecke from the Crystal Growth group and Erwin Schmitt from Prof. Winnacker completed our list of 12 doctoral graduations in 2014.

I wish all our absolvents the best for their coming career. Novel semiconductors, energy materials and energy technology have become more relevant than ever, with renewable energies at the forefront of the industrial innovations. Perovskites have rocketed the photovoltaics and semiconductor scene in 2014, for the first time ever demonstrating a low temperature solution processed semiconductor which is polycrystalline and with electronic and optical properties comparable to other inorganic
semiconductors. Perovskite and organic semiconductors will dominate our research activities in 2015, where the organic semiconductors are dominating the colorful, flexible and integrated applications while perovskites clearly have the potential to go towards grid connection.

I want to thank all our collaboration and project partners for their great contributions and the pleasant scientific cooperations and all our employees and students for their excellent work, and wish all of us a successfull 2015!

With best regards, Christoph Brabec

The complete Annual Report 2014 can be found here.