The situation with COVID-19 changes all the time and it is hard to track it permanently. Therefore we have translated the Bavarian safety regulations into a simple to adapt “Corona traffic light” system (Corona Ampel). We ask all employees and visitors to carefully read the regulations and obey them consequently. 

Depending on the average 7 days RKI index of COVID-19 infections in the region around Erlangen – Nürnberg, the traffic lights are set to the colours yellow, red or black (shut down). Green light is foreseen when the Bavarian state declares that the Corona epidemic is over:

  • yellow (0-35 active cases / 100.000 residents),
  • red (35-50 active cases / 100.000 residents), or
  • black (more than 50 active cases / 100.000 residents).

The colour of the Corona traffic light defines working regulations (e.g. the number of people in the room, places, where the mask is obligatory, meeting format, etc). Details are found in the pdf ” Corona traffic light”

The status of the Corona traffic light can be found in the table below. Please note that employees or visitors living in or coming from a “red or black” colored district are requested to inform us before visiting.

Current colour (Status) of the “Corona Traffic Light” is found in the graph here: