Jose finishes his PhD thesis with excellent success and immediately starts his new position at MIT

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Within the last 4 years, Jose was working on the development of computational methods to predict the thermodynamic properties of organic semiconductors. A central aspect of his work was the calculation of the Hansen solubility parameters and the interaction parameter for the design of stable multi-component composites, as for instance required for organic PV. Towards the end, Jose more and more explored AI Methods for the determination of otherwise difficult to access material parameters. Overall, his contributions were exceptional successful and resulted in over 20 publications in highly cited journals.
Immediately after finishing his PhD, Jose rushed to Boston and started his new career as a Postdoc at MIT. Jose will further continue working with us as a guest scientist at i-MEET and the HI-ErN and remain his old affiliations. We are very much looking towards this extension of our fantastic cooperation over the last years!