Crystal Growth 2 - Electronic Devices & Materials Properties/Processing, Epitaxial Growth



Time and place:

Exam: oral

  • Every second weEinführungskurs (EK) Wed 14:15-15:45, Room 3.71

Fields of study

  • WPF WW-DH-WET from SEM 8
  • PF MWT-MA-WET from SEM 2
  • WPF ET-MA-MWT from SEM 2
  • WPF NT-MA from SEM 2

Prerequisites / Organisational information

Prüfung: eKlausur, unbenoteter Leistungsnachweis (Bestehen mit mindestens 70% der maximalen Punktzahl)


III. Electronic Devices & Materials Propertied / Processing

III.1 Semiconductor Device Building Blocks

III.2 Bipolar Diode

III.3 Bipolar Transistor

III.4 Schottky Diode

III.5 Field Effect Transistor

III.6 Interfaces

III.7 Optoelectronic Devices

III.8 Solar Cells - overview

Recommended Literature

S.M. Sze; Semiconductor Devices – Physics and Technology (14 x T80/8S58(2)) P.J. Wellmann; Materialien der Elektronik und Energietechnik : Halbleiter, Graphen, funktionale Materialien; Springer Vieweg (2019), 2nd edition, ISBN 978-3-658-26991-3

Additional information

Expected participants: 20