Renjun Guo "From fabrication to degradation of solar cells An in-situ study based on synchrotron radiation"

Dec 01
December 1, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Guest talk

From fabrication to degradation of solar cells
An insitu study based on synchrotron radiation

Renjun Guo, Technische Universität München

synchrotron radiationbased grazingincidence Xray scattering techniques, we could monitor the structural and morphological transformations occurring during the fabrication process of spincoating, slotdie coating and, sputtering techniques. In addition, we could continuously track the physical or chemical processes under operando conditions for different types of solar cells. The advantages of synchrotron radiation are well suited for kinetic structure analysis, and help understand the evolving nature of shortlived intermediates and transformation kinetics between material phases. After understanding fundamental mechanisms which limit the operational stability of newgeneration solar cells, we could modify solar cells accordingly to make such newgeneration solar cells realworld applications. 

Guo was graduated with a Master degree from BenGurion University (Israel) in 2018 under supervision of Prof. Eugene A.Katz. Since 2018, he started his doctoral study at Technical University of Munich (Germany) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter MüllerBuschbaum with the topic of degradation mechanisms of perovskite solar cells

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