Dr. Loredana Protesescu "Chemical design for metal halide perovskites nanostructures"

Aug 24
August 24, 2022

Guest talk.
Dr. Loredana Protesescu
University of Groningen

Assistant professor of Nanomaterials Chemistry

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials

Chemical design for metal halide perovskites nanostructures

Metal halides perovskites with nanoscale geometries have revolutionized the field of solution-processed photovoltaics and light-emitting devices due to their strong absorption and exceptional photoluminescence properties combined with a remarkable tolerance to structural defects. However, the further development of these materials to practical commercialization is hindered by their toxic components like lead and their
inherent structural lability. Moreover, we still have little understanding of their crystallographic structures, chemical and physical interactions, and surface chemistry at a fundamental level.

The chemical design of metal halide perovskites proved to be the key to addressing those issues. Our recent findings confirm that a direct transition of the synthetic approach at nanoscale from Pb to Sn halide perovskites is not feasible. For Sn-based perovskites nanostructures, the structural dynamics between 3D cuboids and 2D Ruddlesden-Popper nanosheets colloids are highly dependent on the synthetic strategy.
The presence of both species has a direct impact on the optoelectronic properties. Moreover, heterostructures containing halide perovskites nanocrystals are the next step towards obtaining accessible materials for industry. With the help of polymers or metal-organic frameworks, we can access air stable materials or ultra-small quantum dots