Benny Febriansyah "Low dimensional organic metal-halide hybrids: molecular design & optoelectronic properties"

May 25
May 25, 2022 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Guest talk
Benny Febriansyah 
Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore (BEARS), Campus for Research Excellence and Technological (CREATE) Tower 1 Create Way, #11-00 Singapore 138602, Singapore.
Low-dimensional organic lead-halide hybrids possess synthetic richness, optoelectronic tunability and moisture stability greater than that of 3D counterparts, spurring various attempts to exploit these materials for different applications. My talk will be divided into two sections. The first section emphasizes the significance of the judicial choice of organic component in determining the formation of specific inorganic lattice architectures and supramolecular frameworks in lowdimensional leadhalide hybrids. The effects of molecular tuning on the physical properties of the overall materials, which manifest in the tailored performances of the corresponding solutionprocessed optoelectronic devices, such as solar cells, lightemitting diodes, and memory resistors will especially be discussed. In the second section, the utilization of mixeddimensional perovskites as solar absorbers in photovoltaic application will be covered. By systematically engineering the structures of bulky organic cations to template the formation of lowdimensional species with contrasting inorganic framework dimensionality, connectivity, and coordination deformation, it is shown that the structural features of lowdimensional perovskites do dictate the performance and stability of the resulting mixed dimensional perovskite solar cells. The importance of designing molecular directing agent that yield materials with desirable structural and optoelectronic profiles will be highlighted.